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Traveling Prizefighter is a groundbreaking independent documentary film that highlights the individuals who choose to travel the world training with and fighting amongst the best fighters on the planet.  

My name is Kenneth Fielding Carter III. I’m a Muay Thai Fighter turned aspiring filmmaker embarking upon what would become one of the wildest, greatest challenges, and biggest adventures of my life.  Over 5 years ago now I set out with a camera and a vision to capture the authentic spirit of Muay Thai as experienced through the eyes of foreign fighters competing in Thailand.  I wanted to show the world what the Muay Thai lifestyle is really like bringing you all the gritty and glorious moments you've never seen from afar.  The film took on a life of its own however.  It's not only a story about fighters and their wild lives outside of the rat race they with their 8 limbs escape. It's now a story about life itself. About overcoming the worst of things to strive for the best of things.  A film about the triumph of the human spirit.  Perhaps there is no better group of people to exemplify that spirit.  Rising to the challenge and refusing to quit.  This is Traveling Prizefighter.  

The path to becoming a great fighter is not an easy one.  Nor is the path towards success in life.  This film will inspire those seeking purpose in life as well as help inspire the next generation by promoting Muay Thai in the US and around the world.  After nearly 7 years catching up with some of the best fighters around the world traveling in countries like Thailand, Sweden, Cyprus, England, USA, and more we are proud to say film production is finished.  We are currently in post production.

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